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With a large client base and a high percentage of repeat business, Mueen stands out as a trusted HR partner in Saudi Arabia. That success is due in part to our culture of continuous learning and improvement.

We understand the importance of keeping our team at the forefront of industry innovation. To this aim, we have put into effect a comprehensive program of stakeholder evaluations and internal feedback, resulting in an in-depth awareness of new opportunities in the HR sector.

The insights gained have led us to institute semiannual employee training and upskilling, fine-tune our processes, and expand our service offerings, ensuring a seamless customer experience.

Our 360 approach to operational excellence is further supported by a solid corporate governance framework, designed to uphold the best business practices and ensure compliance with both regulatory and ethical guidelines. Going forward, we remain committed to actively listen to our clients’ needs, concerns, and aspirations, in order to provide them with an unrivalled staffing experience.

Omar Al Juraifani

CEO, Mueen