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Established in 2015, Mueen started as a Saudi closed joint-stock company, transcending the boundaries of traditional recruitment agencies.

Operating with global standards and local expertise, Mueen has rapidly grown both its client portfolio and workforce. Over the past years, Mueen has made significant contributions to key sectors of the Kingdom's economy, including hospitality, construction, healthcare, industrial, and retail. Our commitment to excellence and transparency is evident through substantial investments in technological infrastructure, policy development, and procedures alignment with these principles.

Mueen has forged international partnerships focusing on ethical recruitment practices, human rights, and combating human trafficking. Care is ingrained in Mueen's values, with accommodations strategically located throughout the Kingdom, ensuring employee well-being during emergencies. Our commitment extends to providing top-tier healthcare through licensed providers and establishing a dedicated employee hotline for swift issue resolution.

Looking forward to the end of 2026, Mueen aims to expand its workforce to nearly 30,000 employees, achieve sales exceeding one billion Saudi Riyals, all while delivering an unparalleled customer experience.

At A Glance


Our vision is to be the preferred partner for comprehensive human resource solutions and the trusted human capital choice for clients in the Kingdom.



To empower organizations and elevate customers’ experience in the human capital services market, through a diverse workforce comprising both Saudi nationals and expatriates.

Our Value

World class manpower Service



We put our customers above ourselves. We decide and act for the benefit of our patrons, contributing to their welfare and creating positive experiences for them.



We do the right thing without compromising. We are honest in our conduct and always deliver on our commitments in a fair and transparent manner.



We encourage and cultivate the development of human resources, ensuring optimal qualifications that precisely match our clients’ requirements.



We continuously build on our skills, attributes, and behaviors to enhance our viability both at individual and organizational levels, and establish a rapport with our clients, and people in the organization.



We recognize and celebrate the potential of ours and others. We act to appreciate, support, and motivate, thus creating a purpose and delivering faster, better, and more efficiently executed outcomes.



We create value for co-workers and customers alike, forging lasting relationships based on confidence and trust, and building amity in and out of workplace.



Adopting best practices and having the constant will to learn, grow, and evolve, we put in our best efforts in whatever we do, with a firm belief in making things better and creating a positive impact through our actions.